Affordable consultations turn Houses into Homes.

Insides provides the benefits of “interior ideas, without the cost.” For only $80, Insides offers an interior design consultation package and e-mail follow up.

A Consultation with Jennifer:

  • Before our first visit, I will ask you to do some homework (I want you to find some pictures of spaces or rooms that you love, look for styles, colors that catch your eye)
  • I will come to your home, and together we will generate a new personalized plan that will transform your space.
  • Often, we will roll up our sleeves and begin the transformation on the spot!
  • A design plan will be emailed with-in a week.

Interior Design

I want to know about you:

  • what is your favorite color, or styles that excite you?
  • what do you need, in terms of function, from this room?
  • how do you want the room to feel?
  • what do you want your room to emote?


  • Need some advice to help sell your home
  • Need more advice about renovations, before you buy

Shopping Trips

I love to take clients shopping to my favorite stores, and when you take me shopping, I pass on all my designer discounts, you save!!!

From Start to Finish

Many times clients are too busy to complete these tasks, I am able to implement my design ideas one room at a time.


I thought I had to have a lot of money to hire a designer. Jennifer came to my house, gave me fantastic ideas, ones that I could do right away and some long term items to save for, and she also told me where to find great deals. I would totally recommend Jennifer, she is really creative and enthusiastic!!!!

from Sharon Letterby


Jennifer really helped me pin point what I like, in terms of style and color. She helped me make decisions that I have been struggling with for a while. Jennifer came back a month later and took me shopping, she is a lot of fun and passed on all her Designer Discounts.

from Joanne Birkely

About Jennifer

With one successful year of business under her belt, the passion in Jennifer’s voice is apparent as she explains she’s thrilled to continue getting homeowners excited about the spaces they live in. “Every space is so different and I want a client’s home to reflect them, not me,” says Graham.“ I want your home to feel like it is you!

After pursuing Interior Design as a hobby, she completed an Interior Design diploma from the Sheffield School of Design in New York and launched Insides last year.

“It’s my passion,” says Graham of interior design. “I love to make people excited about the spaces in their home. It’s so important to enjoy spending time in your own home with your friends and family.”


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